Product description
Eastman™ Butyl Acetate is a medium boiling ester solvent. A colorless liquid with a fruity odor, butyl acetate is an active solvent for film-formers such as cellulose acetate butyrate, nitrocellulose, polyesters, epoxies, alkyds, vinyl copolymers, and acrylic resins. It is widely used in nitrocellulose lacquers, readily dissolving the resin and imparting good flow properties. Eastman™ Butyl Acetate has an evaporation rate of 1.0, which provides a quick drying lacquer without inducing blushing under normal circumstances. It is a urethane grade solvent and is widely used in 2-K polyurethane coatings to help balance flow and dry time.
The chemical substances for this product are listed as Inert Ingredients Permitted for Use in Nonfood Use Pesticide Products under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). For details on specific permissions,
Scientific Facts: 
Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate are used to dissolve other substances including nitrocellulose, the basic film-forming material in nail polish. Butyl acetate is found in many types of fruit, where along with other chemicals it imparts characteristic flavors. Apples, especially of the red delicious variety are flavored in part by this chemical
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